Computer Service and Tune-ups

A personal computer is quite a marvel of technology, with so many different computer components, it's not surprising that personal computers need tune-ups occasionally. Symptoms that your computer needs a tune-up would include: slow to start up slow to shut down constant hard-drive activity sluggish mouse or 'jumpy' mouse movements programs take a long time to launch constant computer errors blue screens, crashes If your computer is experiencing these or some other bothersome behavior, call us to discuss your computer's behavior.

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Custom Built Desktop Computers

Every computer made by every large desktop computer company is created to meet the needs of an average generic person. That average person doesn't exist - except on marketing materials from computer companies that ship computers out by the thousands each day. MJY Computers, on the other hand, can build a computer that is every bit as powerful and reliable as the name brands, but with one difference: your computer is made especially for you with your unique computing needs in mind. Purchasing a new computer can be a challenge. If you're not familiar with computer technologies, you might buy more computer than you need or spend your hard earned money on options you'll never use.

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Computer Networking Solutions

More and more, computers are not simply tools to accomplish tasks independently of other computers. They are becoming communication tools and information exchange tools. Computer networking is an essential part of any computer system and getting the right computer network in place is important for maintaining connectivity to other computers in your workgroup and throughout the internet. Wireless networking provides a great way to maintain connections to other computers while not being tethered to a wall. Wireless computing allows flexibility in computer workgroup and computer work space layout since desks and chairs don't need to be placed next to the local area networking connection box. MJY Computers can advise you on several computer networking solutions. From wireless cards inside your computer case to computer networking hubs and routers that provide computer connectivity between computers.

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PC & Laptop Repair

Through MJY Computers, you can have your computer repaired quickly and efficiently. We offer a variety of computer repair services to meet you needs. Our FREE consultation will save you time and money from taking your computer to an expensive computer shop just for them to tell you your computer doesn’t work. One call to MJY Computers is all it takes to solve those frustrating computer problems and begin enjoying your computer once again.

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